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This website is currently under development and will be bringing you new products for those participating in cross fitness training, yoga and other physical fitness activities.

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About Knot Crushers
Knot Crushers is a small Canadian company that manufactures foam rollers for self-myofascial release.

Knot Crushers was borne out of the need for a competitively priced product in a saturated market. Founded by Kevin Gabriel, a certified Crossfit coach out of Crossfit Colosseum in Etobicoke, ON, and Julia Savazzi, an architectural design consultant with a background in CNC foam cutting, these two saw an opportunity to develop a superior product, at a fair price.

After several months of product development, including; searching for the most appropriate foam that offered strength, firmness and durability, developing a logo and a branding plan, consulting with registered massage therapists athletic therapists and athletes, Knot Crushers smashed into the market in early 2015 and is off to a fantastic start.

With both founders being active members of the Crossfit community, Knot Crushers strives to maintain that uniquely supportive sense of camaraderie within the sport by working with other local and like-minded businesses and organizations. Julia and Kevin believe that building great relationships and helping each other builds a stronger community, and a better business.

All Knot Crushers foam rollers are made from a dense, black foam, cut on CNC foam cutting machines. Sizes offered are standard 24” rollers, and half rollers at 12”.